What’s with our earplugs?

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To the cleverest person behind the invention of earplugs, I now owe you my life.

And I just can’t realize how my life stressful is if without my earplugs.

SAN ISIDRO HOMES, LIPA BATANGAS PHILIPPINES – My early days here in my new bedroom is FREEDOM. I can do my own things privately. However, whenever my mom scream, dad talking shit and those three fucking dogs who barks all time totally tears me into pieces. I wanted to scream too and say FUCK ALL YOUR VOICES you dumbshits but I can’t. Having earplugs are the best escapism out from all of this. Yes, an escapism because whenever I hear earsplitting voices, I want to cut off my ears and then kill myself.

My everyday life here in house is quite awful. From the moment I wake up, I hear mom shouting at my niece just because of her wickedness which always became my alarm clock every day. When they leave, here comes my dad and scolds me (sometimes)because I’m like this I’m like that and what’s even worst is our three dogs Prince, Queenie and Princess who Barks like if there’s no tomorrow. I was like “Putangina nyo, magtira naman kayo ng para bukas, mga HAAAYYOOOP kayo!”I just thought that I shouldn’t come back in this place anymore (as if I could).

I need something for me to not hear all of these anymore!

Then I realize the value of earplugs. I know that its logic is to transfer the best quality of sound directly to our ears. With this we can only here the sound from it alone – not those from the outside.  This gave me the reason why I should I bring this everywhere.

Plugging earphones, earplugs ear buds or whatever people may call this USEFUL thing really help me in my problems. Having earplugs made me avoid hearing their voices. I would always turn the volume of my laptop to its highest just not to hear them. It’s not just good to feel that you hear them shouting all the time- too annoying.

I realized that:

Earplugs can offer us something that is beyond of just listening to music. By the time we got into it and felt the solitary moment, it will really separate us from the ordinary world. That sounds that we got used to hear all the time. Earplugs are like stairways, door knobs and press buttons that could make us be in different places. It gives us the time to hear the atypical music. The sound of life. Sound of emotions. A subtle relief from the problems from our real world. A moment of solitude leading to our own realizations. Listening to ourselves. These, I think, earplugs can give us. And we’re not aware with this.

It doesn’t mean that I’m afraid of facing problems but I think it would be better to first dodge out from it before you feel more pain. And I think earplugs could do that. Letting ourselves escape from screaming problems of life and have our own moment of thinking, and realizing what we’ve done in the past.

We should value small things for in the end or in the moment it’s used, we will know the worth of it.  I LOVE YOU MY EARPLUGS!

You should keep yours too. The moment one didn’t work, you’ll just say – LIFE IS UNFAIR. And it’s really is.

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Ilang buwan na lang talaga. 3 buwan nga lang ano?

Mag-Pepebrero na pero hindi parin tapos ang thesis namen. Anong masasabi mo dito?  O sige, tumawa ka. Maya-maya buhol buhol na yang bituka mo. Pero kidding aside, ito ang malaking problema sa akin. Tinatawanan ko lang ang thesis namen kahit hindi pa tapos. Hindi man lang ako masindak na baka mamaya ay mag-defense na ay saka pa ako pandali ng paggawa ng output. ANO BA KEN?! What is the meaning of your laziness?!

Nakakaramdam akong hindi lang ako ang nakakaramdam ng ganito. Halos lahat ng AB Comm 421 ay kinakabog na rin sa pagdating ng araw ng paghuhukom – ang Defense. Ung iba siguro ay tapos na. Pero ang estado ng akin, ng amin pala ay papatapos na. Ung nga, papatapos na ay bakit hindi pa tapusin? Nakakatawa pero ang lakas ng loob kong tanungin ang sarili ko ng ganito. Nakakaloko. Pero sa totoo, kabado na rin ako. Ang malungkot lang ay wala man lang nangangamusta sakin. Updates kung baga. Pakiramdam ko pag- ganon ay kahit papano ay magagawa ko rin ito ng maayos. At ayaw ko din nung pinagiintay ako ng matagal. Nakakainis na pag minsan.

Above all ay AYOS NA. I understood everything. I moved on. I just wanted to do this duo. Ung may teamwork ba? But I felt glad na kapag magkasama kami ay productive ang lahat. That’s good enough.

Para san pa ang blog na ito kung hindi ako gagalaw diba? Gagawin ko na ang laha

t para matapos ko ito. Gagawin namin ito ng maaayos. Tatapusin namin ito. Lahat naman siguro ay g

ustong matapos ang lahat ng ito ng walang frustration diba? We’ll do our best.

Ilang buwan na nga at naka toga na tayo. Iam now treating this as my motivation para matapos ang lahat ng ito. Minsan lang talaga, talong-talo sadya ako ng katamaran. Kung anu-anu pa ang inuuna. O sige na nga, gagawa na ako.

Yun nga, ilang buwan na lang at naka-toga na tayo. Ngunit, ang lahat ng kasiyahan ay may kapalit na sakripisyo. Hindi tayo makaka-graduate kung hindi tayo nakakapag-defense. Walang mahirap kung susubukan natin ng sa

ma-sama na tapusin ito.

Tayo ang nagpa-bunga sa lahat ng ito. Aaminin ko, hindi ultimate ang enjoyment ko sa first ojt ko dahil sa thesis. Grabe ang tamad ko talaga. Pero pasa-san baga’t makakaraos din tayo.

Yung feeling na, ang sarap magpaka lasing sa central dahil nakapasa ka na sa defense? Diba?? Tapos na e.Let just be motivated with our caps and gown. Our Diplomas and by the moment we felt this, we’re done. We are accomplished.

Ilang buwan na lang talaga at naka-toga na tayo. Please guys let’s do this. I can’t wait for this moment. EPIC MOMENT!


Ilang oras matapos kong matapos ang blog na ito. Sinabi ko sa nanay ko, tanggal ako sa scholarship kahit wala pang confirmation. I assumed that will happen. Kaya naman naguumapaw ang galit ng nanay ko sakin. Mistulang naging armalayt ang bibig niya. Tinanggap ko ito ng may tatag. Pero gayon pa man, ilang buwan na lang, naka-toga na ako. Pangako ko sa kanya, MAKAKATAPOS AKO.

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Movies are like bullets. They can hit you straight to your heart. And when the moment that bullet penetrate your heart, you’ll suddenly cry. Like a moo of a cow. And if it’s now in the core, you won’t cry but smile. A subtle relief from the ache. And then you’ll realize something out from that ache. We should be inspired and move forward. If you wanted to know which the gun is… it’s still your heart ‘coz you won’t feel it if you didn’t let yourself open it.

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Felt nothing but grieve

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Breaking news! We cannot go farther for our next on-the- job- training.  Well, it was not just breaking, but shocking, appalling, awful, dreadful and or whatever right word for this announcement.

It killed me.

Yung feeling na, you have made your mindset that you’ll work in Manila to gain MORE-THAN- ENOUGH EXPERIENCE. Then after, an announcement  just popped- out that you can’t cause you have problems with scholarships or what so ever. FVCK!

Yeah, I know that I should be blamed for this but I think scholarship is not a reason for this kind of abruption. maaayos di naman un. Ako pa. Kami pa?!

And this is not about academics, it’s more of new training ground for us. Nakakainis lang na bigla-bigla na lang may kukuha ng oppotunudad na yon sa amin.

Everything went down. No more high hopes for new and more experience.

I just felt nothing but grieve. I shouldn’t be annoyed ‘coz I know I cannot do something about this.


Annebisyosa to belt out in Smart Araneta Coliseum

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She is now not just a pretty face and a stunner. Anne Curtis is one of the most promising actresses in the entertainment industry which is proven with her exceptional performance in her last box office move No Other Woman.

More than that, the year 2011 was a breakthrough for her singing career with her debut album Annebisyosa which had also became a platinum record. A real dream of hers.
We cannot stop Anne Curtis of reaching more for her dreams. Her album paved the way for the possibility of having a concert which definitely is beyond everyone’s expectation.
And it happened.  Anne Curtis is now entering the concert stage and is now preparing herself for her first major concert entitled Annebisyosa – No Other Concert World Tour which will happen on January 28, 2012 at Smart Araneta Coliseum, Cubao Quezon City.
I guess we should expect something or even more for this concert. We know Anne Curtis as a “Fashionista”, so be ready to see her performing in her most glamorous outfits. Breathtaking productions combined with star-studded guests are enough to make this concert a must seen. And lastly, expect for the best song numbers Anne will give to you. High notes are about to rise which will scream the whole Smart Araneta.

The concert is brought to us Viva Concerts. For Ticket prices, here are the rates: 
Patron A – P3000
Patron B – P3000
Lower Box – P2500
Upper Box A – P1500
Upper Box B – P700

For inquiries and reservations, please call 911-5555 or Viva Concerts at 687-7236

Earplugs?  I suggest everyone shouldn’t bring earplugs. What’s more exciting about this concert is how brave your ears are upon listening to Anne’s unreachable voice. And I believe her voice will highlight the concert. Anne Curtis will sing everything to give us fun and enjoy this moment with her.

Keywords:  Anne Curtis, Annebisyosa Album, No other woman

Photo Credit:  www. Philippineconcerts.com, jmthebest.com

Online source: www. Philippineconcerts.com

This article is also posted at pinoysgottalent.com. Here’s the link – http://pinoysgottalent.com/blog/annebisyosa-to-belt-out-in-smart-araneta-coliseum/


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Hindi na naging mahirap ang pagpasok ni Jolo Revilla sa mundo ng pag-aartista. Ikaw ba naman ang maging anak ng mga kilalang personalidad na  sina Senator Bong Revilla  at Congresswoman Lani Mercado. Dagdagan pa ng hitsura at tindig na hindi mo mapagkakailang isa talaga siyang Revilla, galing sa lahi ng purong Caviteňo.

Si Ramon “Jolo” Revilla III ay ipinganak noong Marso 15, 1988. Naging  bata ama sa edad na 16 sa anak nila Grace(anak ni Rosanna Roces) na si Jose Gabriel.Ngunit, hindi ito nagpatamlay sa kinang ni

ya bilang isang artista. Bagkos ito pa ang humamon sa kanya na ipagpatuloy muli ang karera.

Bakit nga ba Kapitan Onyx. Dahil kung ating titingnan ang karerang tinatahak niya ay  marahil masasabi nating “ Kinanya na niya ang pinaka mahirap na mga trabaho”. Nakakahanga rin dahil animoy  namamangka siya sa dalawang ilog na sa galing niya’y nakakasabay siya sa dalawang magkaibang alon nito. At ano nga ba ang dalawang karerang magkasabay na ginagawa ni Jolo?

Ang pagiging artista at ang pagiging public servant. Alam natin na hindi biro ang pagiging isang artista. At katakut-takot na responsbilidad naman ang kaakibat bilang isang pulitiko. Kaya naman para sa isang tulad ni Jolo Revilla, tunay na nananalaytay ang dugong Caviteno. Ang pagiging matapang at masipag.

Isa na siguro si Jolo Revilla sa pinaka inaabangang artista sa telebisyon ngayon. Nagsimula ang kanyang pag-aartista sa GMA 7. Dito nakilala ang kanyang galing sa pag-arte nang gumanap siya bilang si Ramon Salcedo sa teleseryeng “Kaputol ang isang Awit”. Bukod pa rito, lumabas rin siya sa TV sitcom na Idol ko si Kap, teleseryeng Totoy Bato at marami pang iba. Nang lumipat naman siya ABS-CBN, agad na nanginibabaw ang kanyang pangalan. Isa sa mga pinagbidahang teleserye ang  Agimat: Ang Alamat ni Ramon Revilla kung saan gumanap siya bilang Pepe “Pepeng Agimat” Dimaantal Jr. Gumanap din siya sa Maala-ala mo kaya: Guitara bilang Paco, Levi sa Noah at Eugene “Kapitang Inggo” Salazar sa Agimat: Mga Alamat ni Ramon Revilla.  At ngayon, kilang-kilala na natin siya bilang si Onyx Dimalanta sa hit-teleserye na Binondo Girl. Si Onyx na palaging bigo sa pag-ibig para kay Jade dahil kay Andi.

Nagbukas din ng pinto ang mundo ng pelikula kay Jolo Revilla. Ilan sa mga pelikulang sinamahan niya ay ang Pepeng Agimat (1999) bilang Jepoy, Agimat: Ang Anting-Anting ni Lolo (2002) bilang Pao, Bertud ng Putik (2003) bilang  Putik, Exodus: Tales from the Enchanted Kingdom (2005) Exodus at Resiklo (2007) kung saan gumanap din siya bilang Ice.

Bagamat naging mapalad siya bilang artista, hindi niya kinalimutan ang bayang kanyang kinalakhan. Ang bayan ng Cavite. Si Jolo  bilang isang artista, bagamat minsa’y nababahiran ng samut-saring kontrobersiya ay naging isang mabuting ehemplo sa mga kapwa niya Caviteno. Marahil, isa na ito sa mga naging dahilan niya upang pasukin ang mundo ng pulitika.

Artista. Pulitka. Magkaiba daan ngunit pilit niyang pinaglapit at pinagasasabay. At ang mundo ng pulitika ay hindi naging malupit para sa kanya. Bagkos, ito pa ang nagudyok sa kanya na matamasa ang kanyang mga di matawarang tagumpay.

Si Onyx ay hindi basta-basta si Onyx. Si Jolo Revilla ngayon ay si Kapitan Onyx. Tama kayo. Kapitan. Superhero. Tagapagtanggol ng isang baranggay sa Bacoor Cavite. Oktubre 25, 2010  nang tumakbo siya  bilang Kapitan ng Barangay  Panapan VII. Hindi siya binigo ng mga mamamayan roon, nanalo siya. At siya na ngayon ng pinakabatang Kapitan sa edad na 22. Hindi magkamayaw ang tuwa ng kanyang mga magulang sa maagang tagumpay na tinatamasa ni Jolo. Bagamat baguhan, hindi ito naging had

lang para magkapaglingkod sa kapwa.

Agad rin siyang naging pinuno ng Association of Barangay Captains ng buong lalalawigan na agad ring nagpasok sa kanya bilang Board Member ng Sangguniang Panlalawigan (Provincial Council).

Hindi maipag-kakailang si Jolo Revilla na ata ang pinaka-tinitingala at pinaka- astig na Cavitenong kilala ko. Masasabi kong hindi siya nagkamali sa pagsunod sa mga yapak ng kanyang mga magulang. Ang pagiging isang artistang pulitiko. At sa tagumpay sa magkabilang larangan, patunay na seryoso si Jolo Revilla sa kanyang mga karera. Ang kanyang kasikatan bilang isang artista at ang pagiging baguhan bilang isang kapitan ay magsisilbing inspirasyon para sa lahat ng Caviteno.

Hindi ba dapat maging proud ang mga Caviteno kay Jolo Revilla? Kung si Kapitan Onyx nga ay ipinagmamalaki ang pagiging isang Caviteno. Dapat kayo rin. Halinat saksihan pa natin ang mga kahanga-hangang gawain Kapitan Onyx at kanyang paglalakbay para sa kaunlaran ng bayan ng Panapan, Bacoor Cavite.
Lipad Kapitan Onyx. Lipad!
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Trip to San Juan, Batangas: The Home of Fine Beaches and the Lambayok Festival

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I define San Juan, Batangas in three words: Popular, Luxurious and Festive. Those we’re the words that people would be certain to say after they have toured this place. Not just a place but a paradise of wondrous panoramas surrounded by this ironic term of Festive Barakos.

And if there is one thing that we batanguenos should be more proud of, that would be the beaches.  The province of batangas is known for long white-sand beaches engulfed with vast blue seas which are an evidence of rich marine biodiversity. One of the hot-spots beaches here lies on the eastern part of the province, the municipality of San Juan. Which I assumed also to be one of the most recognized yet competitive city for having magnificent beaches enough to provide the tourists an accommodation beyond expectation.

For a batangueno like me, the beaches here are more than enough experience. Usually, my family goes here during summers. That’s why summerdays are one of my most waited seasons every year. Vacation. Moment of Fun. Indulgence. These are the things I found on San Juan Beaches. That’s why whenever we had getaways, San Juan Batangas is our first choice.  A 2 ½ hour   travel would be not that time consuming for after you have arrived and witnessed the beauty of the beaches will make it worthy.

There’s always a smile in my face whenever I see the sea waves and hearing its sound makes it even more relaxing.  I could walk forever with my barefoot for as if I was walking on a foamy surface.  I see the sunrise and the sunset with a perfect picturesque that everyone can havea perfect shot in every angle. What is even happier is the people having a blissful moment with families in harmony with nature. A Luxurious haven – giving a satisfactory accommodation to every tourist in affordable rates.

Yes, please do take a note with that. San JuanBeaches are affordable to everyone.

Here are some of the notable and affordable beaches founded here in Batangas:

Villa Crisanta Garde

Acuatico Beach Resortn Resort

Estrellas de Mendoza Aplaya Resort

La luz Beach Resort and many more to offer

images compiled are from WOWBatangas.com

But there is more than the beaches. San Juan, Batangas is also known for being festive which presents the city’s culture, creativity and hard work. The Lambayok Festival is the reflection of San Juan Batangas. This is just one of the many Batangueno festivals  that evreryone should be proud of. The term Lambayok  is as contraction of the word Lambanog (coconut wine), palayok (clay pot), and beaches being it’s prime source of livelihood and income. This festival happens on the month of December. Different events like  Street Dance Parade, court dancing competition, agricultural tourism fair and the search for Mutya ng San Juan are the highlights of this festival.

I had been reading some facts about Lambayok Festival but it is far better if we could witness this Festival personally. The events will surely entice people even from far places to come and visit San Juan and see for themselves  the wonders found in this city.  Having this Festival serves as a break-through for many opportunities for the promotion of the tourism of the said city.

Along with other popular cities in the province or even the country,San Juan, Batangas has a lot of potentials that can be shown to the world. And the world awaits the growth of this City. Beaches and Festivals are more than a true representation of how beautiful San Juan Batangas is. A manifestation of hard work and inventiveness which makes me even more proud of who and where do I belong.

Sources: www. tourism.gov.ph, www. traveltips.usa.today

*this article are is also posted at www. wowbatangas.com

Link: http://www.wowbatangas.com/towns-and-cities/san-juan/trip-to-san-juan-batangas-the-home-of-fine-beaches-and-the-lambayok-festival/